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BuildHive Getting Started Guide

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Overview - what is it?

BuildHive is a part of DEV@cloud that allows the open-source communtiy to quickly set up simple continuous integration service for GitHub repositories, with just a few steps:

  1. Click the "login" link on the top right corner to login to BuildHive. You'll be asked to authorize BuildHive to retrieve information from your GitHub repositories.
  2. Click the "create project" link from the left and pick repositories for which you want to setup CI jobs by pressing the "click to enable" button
  3. Push changes to your repository via Git, and watch them built.

For more details about the build machines and the tools that are available, refer to this page.

Building Pull Requests

When you set up your repository for a CI build on BuildHive, pull requests submitted to your repository will be automatically built, and its result will be posted as a comment to the pull request.

Installing Hooks

When you create projects on BuildHive, we'll attempt to install post-receive hooks, so that whenever someone pushes to the repository or whenever a new pull request is sent, we can trigger a new build. However, this only works if you have the admin rights on the repository in question.

If you saw the error message, you can have someone else with the admin access recreate a job, or ask them to register as a post-receive hook URL. You will need registered as well to get pull requests automatically tested.

Feedback Appreciated

BuildHive is currently in the beta test, and we look forward to hear from users. Please send us e-mail, or drop by at the #cloudbees channel on the Freenode IRC network.


Why does it ask for access to private repositories, and update to user profiles?

BuildHive's ease of use relies on its ability to install necessary hooks to your repository. Because of the way GitHub API is designed, unfortunately this requires us to ask for more permissions than we actually use. BuildHive does not commit to your repositories with your identity, nor does it update your profiles. The only things it does are:

  • List up repositories and your organizations so that you can select repositories to enable BuildHive
  • Retrieve your e-mail address so that we can notify you in case of a build problem
  • Install repository hooks so that we can notice when pull requests and pushes come in to your repositories. 

Adding a build status icon to your page/github page

In your build, look for the link: 


Click on it - it provides a link you can use as an img src which will show the status.

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