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Play 2.0 on CloudBees DEV@cloud

Last modified by Nicolas De Loof on 2013/10/03 05:34

With the release of Play 2.0, building and testing play apps on CloudBees DEV@cloud Jenkins instances is very simple due to how it uses SBT for builds. 

To get started, install the SBT Jenkins plugin at https://<account>


Install it and once Jenkins has restarted, go to https://<account> and add the path to the sbt launch jar. The path is /opt/sbt/sbt-launch-0.13.0.jar.


Now create a new freestyle job in Jenkins. Once this is created, add a repository to pull the code from and set the JDK to 1.6.0_24 (there is a bug with the default that means SBT can't find javac). 



All that is left to do is add an SBT build step.


Please note : even sbt includes a nice mecanism to let you define the exact version of sbt to be used during build, this won't work with sbt launcher < 0.11.3 due to a name change in sbt dependency.

If you want to create a dist artifact, add dist to the actions. Now save the configuration and run the build.


Created by Ivan Meredith on 2012/03/19 22:46