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CloudBees Free and Open Source Jenkins Plugins

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CloudBees has given multiple plugins to the Jenkins community either as open source or as free (as in pizza) plugins. This page talks about these plugins.

CloudBees Free Plugins

The following plugins are available as free

CloudBees Backup Plugin

Backup Jenkins through Jenkins into the cloud. This plugin is a modified version of Jenkins Enterprise plugin that lets to backup to CloudBees DEV@cloud service. The Jenkins Enterprise version of this plugin allows you to backup Jenkins on-premise. 

Lets walk through an example of creating a backup every night of our entire Jenkins. Under "New Job" choose the "Backup Jenkins to CloudBees" as an option: 



Now configure the various options. Here, we setup a backup to happen every night at 11:10 PM, store all build records, job configurations and system configurations and only keep the last 10 backups saved on an account on CloudBees. 


You can read more about the plugin in the Jenkins Enterprise User Guide.

For Dev@cloud, all JENKINS_HOME directories are backed up on S3 hourly. See our Backup Policy for more information.

CloudBees Wasted Minutes Plugin

This plugin keeps track of the number of minutes "wasted" by all jobs waiting for an executor. If administrators find that the minutes keep stacking up, they can add more capacity. The plugin shows up on the Jenkins dashboard. Every time a build is fired and the job is waiting in the queue for an executor, the amount of time the job wastes waiting for the executor is displayed in the dashboard. At this point, you can add more slaves or use CloudBees DEV@cloud to create new jobs.


CloudBees Deployer Plugin

The deployer plugin lets users deploy their build artifacts to the CloudBees PaaS (RUN@cloud) service. More information can be found here.

CloudBees Status Plugin

This plugin gives users an overview of the applications deployed on CloudBees, the number of free build minutes available on CloudBees DEV@cloud. Here, we can see that there are 300 build minutes on "thesinghs" account that should be utilized!


Installing CloudBees Free Plugins

Jenkins user with direct access to the internet

These plugins are available as CloudBees Plugin Gateway under the open source Update Center. Once you install this gateway, it downloads all the free plugins and restarts Jenkins. Once restarted, you are asked to register and get a CloudBees account. Once you have signed up for the account, you are able to use the plugins.

Jenkins user isolated from the internet

If you are Jenkins instance is isolated from the internet, then you can download a separate bundle from here. Unzip the bundle in the $JENKINS_HOME directory, restart Jenkins and you will be asked to register from within Jenkins. Click on the "I already have a license key", make a note of the Jenkins instance key. Sign into CloudBees and go to, enter your instance id and the license server generates a license key for you. Enter this key information on the signup page to enable all the plugins. 

Jenkins Enterprise user

Note: If you are a Jenkins Enterprise user, you already have the "Folders" and "Backup" plugin installed on your system. We have pushed out the "Wasted Minutes" plugin to the Jenkins Enterprise Update Center. If you want to use "Backup to cloud" instead of backing to your on-premise file systems, you will have to install this plugin.

CloudBees Free and Open Sourced Plugins

The following plugins are available as open source:

CloudBees Folder Plugin

Allows you to create folders so that you can create namespace differentiated jobs to represent hierarchies of jobs and manage large number of jobs. 

Lets walk through an example of creating a folder with 1 job and another folder in it. Start by adding a "New Job" and selecting the "Folder" radio button


Once created, new jobs or other folders can be added to it. 


The following image shows the "My folder" folder with a job and another folder in it. 


You can read more about folders in the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise User Guide

Credential Plugin

Credential plugin is a single point for managing each credential within Jenkins. Change the credential in one place and you are done. Read the following blog for a background the problem the plugin solves. Additional information about the plugin here

File Leak Detector Plugin

This plugin helps Jenkins administrator diagnose “too many open files error” and helps administrators debug issues when tracking down file leaks. More information here

Installing CloudBees Open Source Plugins

The open source plugins are available through the standard Jenkins Update Center and can be installed just as other plugins. 

Folder Plugins Compatibility

The folders plugin utilizes a feature in Jenkins that allows for hierarchical projects in the Jenkins. Unfortunately a number of plugins have incorrectly implemented this api (more information on this feature is here). We have identified the plugins that may have issues with folder. CloudBees has fixed issues with the most popular plugins and are in process of fixing issues in others. In most cases with plugins listed here things will work fine if the project is in the root, however the projects may not resolve if they are in folders.  so you are encouraged to run in a standalone environment before installing in production. Also, check back in a few weeks as we continue to fix issues. 

Patched Plugins

artifactory, copyartifact, cvs, email-ext, global-build-stats, instant-messaging, join, promoted-builds, clearcase-release, build-flow-plugin, buildresult-trigger, downstream-buildview, dependency-queue-plugin, dashboard-view, thinBackup (JENKINS-15681)

Plugins with known "possible" issues

batch-task, build-publisher, clone-workspace-scm, copyarchiver, downstream-ext, gerrit-trigger, perforce, sectioned-view, rundeck, scriptler, secret, template-project, tracking-svn, zentimestamp, build-metrics, build-pipeline-plugin, display-upstream-changes, drools, hudson-logaction-plugin, hudson-pview-plugin, jenkins-multijob-plugin, job-import-plugin, jprt, keyboard-shortcuts-plugin, logaction-plugin, maven-repo-cleaner, prereq-buildstep, repository, rrod, smart-jenkins, svnmerge, configurationslicing (JENKINS-16329)

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