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Last modified by Harpreet Singh on 2012/08/22 19:25 offered by Enterprise DB is a CloudBees verified solutions partner with CloudBees. This writeup shows how to use

Setting up the environment

Visit and sign up to our free plan that allows you to perform unlimited 250 concurrent users load tests on your apps. You can create your own profile on the service or use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.


The first thing you are going to meet is the Blitz Bar where you'll run all of your load and performance tests. The command-line look and feel is intentional as we find that having a complex form-filling UI just takes too long and cumbersome. Furthermore, the entire user manual for is one page long – It’s that simple!!!


The first time you rush (load test) your app, we will ask you to authorize your app. This is just a precaution to prevent accidental DoS'ing of apps that you don't own. To authorize we ask that you make a unique authorization URL reachable from your app and return a value of 42 as the content; this will let us know you are the devops person for that app.


Once you authorize you can rush all you want (load test). In this example, we run a load test pattern that start with one user going up to 250 concurrent users in 30 seconds and ramps down to 1 concurrent user and back up to 250 concurrent users in 30 seconds. We also can force that all users come from the California region (if you leave that blank we will randomly select a region or you can choice from 8 different locations).   

The results come next. They are also sharable via social media or email – tell your friends how your app performance.

We also offer result highlights in an easy to read and organized format:


Also, there are reports that you can view, customize and print, or export data to csv.blitz-report.png


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