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ClickStart Applications

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Full stack application templates: the quickest way to get started. If you are logged in - click on the ClickStart icon on the top left - do it now ! They set up everything, cloned private source repo, Jenkins build pipeline, application, database etc.


Why ClickStarts?

  • There are so many new technologies, frameworks and languages becoming available. Keeping up is hard work, but learning to set up the environment from scratch for each one is a bit of waste of time when you could be learning or using. ClickStart app templates are the fastest route to try out new technologies. As you see in images 1 and 2, all that is needed is to choose the application type and enter the name of the application.



ClickStart templates can be thought of as application templates on steroids (some serious ones, too). A ClickStart template sets up the code for the particular app type, sets up the repository, creates a Jenkins build, sets up the deployment environment, sets up any database (if required) and hands back a running application to the developer - with just a click (see image 3).


ClickStarts quickly set you up with a running application and its complete development to deployment infrastructure. You have a complete working environment setup in a few minutes!

Once the application is running, you can clone the (private) source repository, make changes, and any changes you push will be run through the "continuous deployment" pipeline set up for you. You can use these as a starting point for your own applications, or just to get familiar with part of the CloudBees platform. 

There are two ways to get going:

  • Click the launch ClickStart button on this page (next to the application type, you want to run) and enter your application name. You will be directed to login to your CloudBees account (get an account)
  • Click "ClickStart" on the toolbar on your CloudBees account and a wizard will guide you. 

The ClickStarts currently supported by CloudBees are available here:


I want something slightly different

Once you have launched a Clickstart - the app is your own. But if you want to improve a clickstart - for future use - it is ease: 

1. fork the repo in github (you can find the repos here

2. change the clickstart.json to refer to your own forked copy

3. make your changes

4. launch via pasting link similar to this into your browser (but CS_clickstart should point to your own forked clickstart.json file in github).

Contribute your own ClickStarts

The ClickStart templates are defined in a simple JSON file in a repository.

Read this guide to find out more details

These clickstarts come from the CloudBees community github site. So, if you have a particular project template or application type you use over and over again, you can contribute your own ClickStart easily. 

Feel free to fork any of these (remember to change the URLs in clickstart.json to your own repo), send a pull request if you want to make a change! Here is a detailed writeup on how to contribute your own ClickStarts.

ClickStart API


Base URL -

Method - POST


  • template * - URL of the ClickStart template (e.g.
  • name * - Name of the created instance
  • account * - name of CloudBees account

Basic Authentication

  • username* - Your API Key (see here)
  • password - Your Secret Key


curl -X POST --user <<YOUR_API_KEY>>:<<YOUR_SECRET_KEY>>  ""
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